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Supercut Captures Hundreds Upon Hundreds of Broken Fourth Walls

Are you one of those folks who enjoys Deadpool because he breaks the fourth wall so gosh darn often? Then you’ll probably dig this supercut video from The Video Shop that features 400 shots of people breaking the fourth wall.

More than a few stars make repeat appearances here, some regular Deadpools in their own way: Peter Sellers, Burt Reynolds, Mike Myers, Bill Murray (of course), Eddie Murphy, and Jim Carrey. It’s fun to think about how a simple glance from a character in a movie really changes the dynamic between viewer and actor. Done well and with enough comedic timing (which plenty of the featured folks in the supercut have in spades), breaking the fourth wall has one hell of an effect.

This reminds me of a Tumblr blog that I’ve been following for a while: Eye Contact. It captures and catalogs instances where a character on screen in a movie or television show makes eye contact with the camera. It’s a pretty neat blog!

Take a look at the video above, and tell us: do you like it when a character breaks the fourth wall? Would you prefer they don’t?

(via AV Club)

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