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Helen Mirren Talks Wage Equality and Representation At Women In the World

The Queen has spoken.

We all know that Helen Mirren is just amazing and can do no wrong, right? Of course right. Well, check out this great interview with her at the recent Women in the World event, where she talks about representation of women in film, equal pay, and how important it is to work beyond simply getting women in film.

Two things struck me from the conversation. First, Mirren says, “I do think the most important thing to teach our daughters is to gain financial independence,” and I agree with that completely.

The second thing, later in the interview, could be up for more debate. When discussing representation in film, she says “People say ‘It’s so terrible women don’t have great roles in movies.’ I say, forget that. That doesn’t matter. Change roles for women in life, and as night follows day, you’ll find the roles for women in drama. Work on that.” That makes a lot of sense. However, efforts like The Representation Project posit the opposite viewpoint. That “you can’t be what you can’t see,” and therefore, representation in media is important to representation everywhere else. Sounds like a chicken and egg question. And, of course, the likely answer is that we should be working on both simultaneously.

But what do you think? Both of what Mirren has to say, and that chicken and egg question? Inquiring minds want to know.

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