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Andy Richter Commandeers #HeavenIsForRealMovie

Heaven is for real, but Twitter is for advertising.


Heaven Is For Real is the heavily religious “based on a true story” box office hit about Colton Burpo, a 4 year old who wakes from a coma claiming to have visited Heaven. 14 year old real-life Burpo’s Twitter account has been full of some startling insights lately. Andy Richter responded in kind.

The constant  “I was dead and now I have risen/this is a true story” advertising on Burpo’s twitter makes it seem like the account is probably run by someone in Heaven Is For Real marketing, but regardless I don’t feel sorry for the kid–so far the film adaptation of his story has made over $32 million at the box office.

However, let’s not take Burpo’s version of a fiery-sword filled heaven for rote just because it sells– as Richter’s response to Burpo’s morbid tweets suggests, heaven may also have parrots and accordion players. Who else would you practice karate with?

(via Jezebel, image via Andy Richter)

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