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HBO Max: ‘The Last Of Us’ Cast And Characters

HBO's The Last of Us First Footage: Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller.

Everybody get ready to cry again.

No seriously, get ready to sob ugly tears. The Last of Us is being turned into a TV series on HBO, and we’re all about to get emotionally traumatized again.

Two games weren’t enough? Really? Now the greater entertainment industry is going to make me cry through the story of The Last Of Us once more? Listen, I’ll do it. In fact, I’ll be happy to. But before we go any further, I wanna know who’s gonna be responsible for the waterworks.

The cast and which characters they play

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey looking out at a field in HBO's The Last of Us

Looks like Pedro Pascal is the first culprit. He already upset me when he died on Game of Thrones and now he’s gonna hurt me again by playing Joel. Bella Ramsey is gonna be Ellie, and she also upset me by having the nerve to die on Game of Thrones. Nick Offerman is playing Billy, and he upset me on Parks and Recreation when he had his rare tearjerker tender moments with the other main cast. And now Gabriel Luna is currently wrapping his emotional fists to beat up the punching bag of my heart when he plays Joel’s brother Tommy.

Then, Merle Dandridge is putting on emotional steel toed boots to kick me when I’m down when she plays Marlene. Because listen, I didn’t like Marlene in The Last of Us game, but I didn’t want her to have to go out like that. And then Jeffrey Pierce, the man who played Tommy in the original games, is returned to play a character named Perry. Perry was made for the T.V. series, but I’m pretty sure that he’ll be the one to pick up the emotional shovel and bury my emotional corpse after I’m dead.

(featured image: HBO)

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