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Accidental Ass-Kicker Hayley Atwell Talks Starring in Marvel’s First Female-Fronted Property



In anticipation of tonight’s two-hour Agent Carter premiere, The Hollywood Reporter has released an in-depth interview in which Hayley Atwell talks Peggy’s evolution, fronting Marvel’s first female-led property, and as always, punching.

When asked if she felt any “responsibility” fronting Marvel’s inaugural lady-led show, Atwell spoke eloquently on the limited opportunities sometimes offered to women, and the misconceptions that can surround strong female characters:

It’s a real thrill. It’s a great time to be able to say to audiences and to Hollywood alike: Women are bankable. They want to be at the forefront. They are watchable and audiences want them and Hollywood should want to make female-centered projects. I feel like in the last 10 years of TV has created really strong and fascinating women. Women who aren’t the damsel in distress, or the ingenue or the bitch or the mother-in-law. They are a lot more interesting and complex. I hope that Peggy is seen in that category of a leading show, but also showing her flaws and showing much more relatable qualities.

Atwell also hinted at her hopes for a possible Season 2:

We learned from Captain America 2 that she’s married and that she’s had children. We haven’t seen that, either. I’m jumping the gun because I love working on the show so much that I really hope we carry on. That’s up for the audience and Marvel to decide. If we did, that would be a very exciting thing to explore.

As for that time she inadvertently injured a stuntman on set…

Unfortunately I whacked one on the back with a leadpipe while I was rehearsing a stunt. I think that made it No. 9 or 10? That’s kind of a lot, because you’d think I’d learn to be more careful after the first one. My stunt double would laugh and say, “Don’t worry, they deserve it. They’ll be fine.” It was unintentional. I played rugby as a kid and was a tomboy and I can naturally be quite aggressive. I was brought up with guys and we used to wrestle. Sometimes I forget my own strength and it inflicts pain when I don’t mean to. I think it could also be I’m quite clumsy.

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