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Have Safe, Eco-Friendly Sex Using…Endangered Species Condoms!

The Center for Biological Diversity exists to educate the public about the dangers — including human overpopulation — that are threatening endangered species the world over. The Center’s latest effort, though, is encouraging people to keep the Earth’s lamentably overcrowded state in mind the next time they, um, help make the problem worse. (By getting it on!)

The Endangered Species Condom Project is a major effort by the center to hand out 100,000 free condoms, encouraging the ordinary inhabitants of this teeming planetoid to do what they can in their day-to-day lives to curb overpopulation. Each packet comes with two condoms and artwork with a clever slogan for saving one of the six featured endangered species. Inside: information on the animals, and ways that humans can decrease our impact on the global ecosystem (presumably not including “succumb to geometrically increasing Malthusian want”).

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From their website:

The beautifully designed packages, featuring clever slogans, are being distributed by a network of 5,000 volunteers ranging from ministers to grandmothers to healthcare providers to college students and biologists. The condoms will be handed out at concerts, bars, universities, spiritual groups, local events, and farmer’s markets.

A few of our favorites from their artwork collection:

For more information on global overpopulation, visit their website, where you could also win a lifetime supply of condoms! (Hopefully they are not these specific condoms.)

Although, to be honest, the slogans could use a little work. “Enforce Zero Population Growth — Save the Three-Toed Sloth” would be a start.

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