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Harry Potter Theme Park: Coming Soon, Complete with Super Bowl Ad

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a (what else) Harry Potter-themed amusement park, is scheduled to open this spring, and they’ve been beefing up their promotional efforts lately.

They’ve recently expanded their preview website for the park, which now features a CGI flyover tour of the park and an interactive map of rides and destinations (including “The Dragon Challenge,” “Flight of the Hippogriff,” and the somewhat less thrilling “Owl Post Post Office”).

The biggie, though: an ad which is going to run during this Sunday’s Super Bowl:

Cue tens of thousands of children boredly watching the Super Bowl perking up and asking their parents if they too can fly on broomsticks and ride on the vertebra-like suspended roller coaster dangling off the dragon’s tail. Which is kind of the point, no?

(h/t Disney Blog; video courtesy of Underwire)

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