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Accio Time-Turner: Colleges Now Offer “Study Harry Potter Abroad” Courses

Sallie Mae Owl, this is literally the worst time.


Did your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter get lost in the post? Did you drop out of school to pursue your Quidditch dreams, only to have your career cut short by a difficult bout of dragon pox? There’s still hope!

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For collegiate witches and wizards out there with a spare $5K to invest in their education and 3 credits left to earn, CSU San Marcos’ Travel Abroad program is now offering a summer course in the U.K. for students interested in visiting Harry Potter landmarks and exploring major themes from the book in a classroom setting.

In addition to visiting the Warner Bros.’ lot where the movies were filmed and exploring various Potter-specific sites in England and Scotland, students will also “identify and assess the similarities and differences between the novels and films and the ways in which each drew inspiration from cultural sites in Great Britain” and “develop critical thinking skills about complex social issues relating to inequality, race, and gender within the context of contemporary Great Britain.” The course’s description also promises participants “a real broomstick flying lesson!” so, you know. Get lost, Art History.

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