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Harrison Ford Says That Indiana Jones Dies with Him. Sorry, Chris Pine!

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford has always been seen as one of our greatest living action stars, so are we surprised he’s not too keen on someone else taking over Indiana Jones? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Ford shut down the question over who he would like to see take on Henry Jones Jr. To be fair, though, Ford is set to reprise the role in a fifth Indiana Jones movie, so maybe he was just quashing the idea of his Indiana Jones dying in the new movie.

We haven’t had an Indiana Jones movie in years, and if you’re like me, you probably don’t count Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as an Indiana Jones movie. But still, we won’t be seeing a new Indy any time soon. Sorry, Chris Pine.

To be honest, this physically hurts me, because my dream scenario is Chris Pine taking on Indiana Jones. Why not swap my favorite actor with one of my other favorite actors? Harrison Ford has the kind of career that many of us look at and ask how he found the time, but the Blade Runner 2049 actor has slowed down in the last few years, probably because he’s in his mid-70s.

That’s right. Remember how hot Harrison Ford was in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? He was already 42 years old, but as Carrie Fisher once said, Harrison Ford won the genetic lottery. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop making Indiana Jones movies. In fact, the fifth installment in the franchise has been rumored for quite some time and has been continually pushed back. Now, we might not even see Indy in action again until July, 2021 (when Harrison Ford will be 79 years old).

Still, we’ll probably all find Indiana Jones attractive, because honestly, when has Harrison Ford not been attractive?

So, he may not have given his seal of approval to Chris Pine taking over his role, but at least we have the knowledge that Harrison Ford isn’t giving up playing Indiana Jones any time soon.

(image: Walt Disney Studios)

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