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Mr. J Approved: Our Review Of The Gotham City Garage Harley Quinn By DC Collectibles

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At this year’s Toy Fair, held once again in New York City, DC Collectibles unveiled the latest statue in their impressive Gotham City Garage line. As a follow up to last year’s Catwoman statue, for 2015 we’re getting Joker’s main squeeze, Harley Quinn.

And just like Catwoman, the pictures I took of this new Harley Quinn statue just don’t do her justice. Designed by Dustin Nguyen and sculpted by Adam Ross and James Marsano, Harley is, top to bottom, a fun statue.  From the lit “Acme” bomb to the bike itself, Harley is definitely a handful of trouble.

To be sure, though, it’s a bit of a different interpretation of her. While the classic elements that make up Harley are there, she has a faux-’50s feel to her. The one thing I’m not so crazy about is the chest tattoo; while it is a cool design, I’m just not a fan. But it by no means ruins the statue, and it’s certainly still in line with the overall look.

But the best part of this statue was something that may never exist. Turns out the statue DC Collectibles had on display at it’s booth at Toy Fair wasn’t the complete vision for the original piece. What was missing? A sidecar with Harley’s hyenas, Bud and Lou, with Bud (or was it Lou?) sporting a pair of goggles. By including the sidecar, however, that would’ve put the statue well over the already-high price point of $299.

But, fret not. If that price doesn’t turn you off, there’s still a chance the complete statue could see the light of day. The good folks at DC Collectibles were quick to point out the full statue may yet still live on. Let’s keep out fingers crossed.

The Gotham City Garage Harley Quinn statue will be limited to 5,200 pieces and is anticipated for a November 2015 release, with or without the sidecar.

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