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Amanda’s Favorite Scene From Hannibal, Episode 2.9


Editor’s Note: Amanda’s mom told us that she’d make sure her daughter delivered her Hannibal commentary by Monday every week, and with one or two exceptions she has so far delivered. Join us all as we embrace the madness of season two… Look out for spoilers!

Ha! It’s funny because they get ripped to pieces!

The violence in this week’s episode was more visceral and horrifying than anything we have seen on the show up to this point. There was no beauty or poetry to this week’s murders, no twisted sense of morality that we’ve seen in such memorable victims as “Tree Man,” “Mushroom People,” “Skin Angels,” and so many others. No, the deaths in “Shiizakana” were brutal and merciless. There was no emotion involved in the murders, just carnage.

It was horrifying, and rightly so. I thought after a season and a half of Hannibal that I was getting jaded towards blood and gore, but… no. It turns out I am not jaded at all. Not at all. Dear God, that was awful.

You know what, though? I am glad it was so horrible. Bryan Fuller and co. have devoted so much time and craft to give thought and meaning towards the show’s many many deaths; it was time for a grim wake-up call. Not all deaths have thought and meaning. Sometimes death is ugly and merciless. Death has no rhyme or resign or grand design but chooses at random.


This week’s killer, a former patient of Dr. Lecter’s named Randall Tier, took out his victims while wearing a mechanized cave bear skeleton. In his weekly chat with the A.V. Club, Fuller admitted that an entire bear skeleton suit was created but that it looked so lame in wide shots that only parts of the suit were shown at a time. Because, really, anyway you slice it, it’s a guy in a bear suit. He’s a bear-man. That is some Golden Age Batman villain shit right there.

In other news, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is going to be ridiculous. Guys in animal suits… they just have to be done right.

Anyway, Randall Tier became a killer bear-man under Hannibal’s tutelage. In this episode we get an amazing scene of Margot Verger and Will Graham bonding over whiskeys talking about how, you know, maybe it’s kind of weird that their therapist wants them to kill people? A little? Like, is our therapist grooming all his patients into serial killers? That’s weird, right? I would ship these two so hard if Margot had not quietly confirmed her lesbianism in this very scene. Oh well. Maybe I’ll ship her with Freddie Lounds.

Later, Will has a a chance to let his inner beast out when Hannibal leads Bear-Man to his home. The first thing Bear-Man does? Attack one of Will’s dogs.



You can slice Beverly Katz into display slides. You can shoot Dr. Chilton in the face. You can have weird sex with Alana Bloom. You do not f*** with Will Graham’s dogs.

All the dogs are okay, though, you guys. Poor little Buster got a nasty wound, but Will scooped him up and ran him back to safety. In the snow. In slow motion. It was awesome.

In the end, Will Graham kills Bear-Man (I assume while stifling laughter; guy in bear suit, LOL) and delivers his corpse to Hannibal like a proud cat that just caught a mouse. I fear for our Will. In an effort to lure Hannibal he may have tipped too far towards the dark side. I think, however, we can give Will a free pass this week because, seriously?



Amanda LaPergola is a New York-based actor and writer.  If anyone ever touched her cat she would break every bone in their frigging body and even she admits that her cat is kind of an ass****.  She tweets at @LaPergs. You can see her previous Hannibal illustrations here.

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