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Amanda’s Favorite Scene From Hannibal, Episode 2.12


Editor’s Note: Amanda’s mom told us that she’d make sure her daughter delivered her Hannibal commentary by Monday every week. This week, Amanda managed to get her drawing in on time, despite having three out 0f town catering events and tickets to see Eddie Izzard. What kind of dark, slavish devotion is keeping Amanda so committed to Hannibal? Should we inform the FBI? We don’t know, but we aren’t going over to Amanda’s house for dinner any time soon.

Spoilers, yum!

Everybody gets a good meal on this week’s episode of Cannibal People, Dear Reader. Hannibal and Jack eat aspic, the Verger pigs eat Carlo the Sardinian, and Will’s dogs eats Mason Verger’s face. I know, it’s disgusting! Aspic, blergh!

Lots of big things in this episode, starting with the return of Gillian Anderson! What I think is interesting about the casting of Anderson as Hannibal Lecter’s now former psychiatrist is that her role on The X-Files was originally based around Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs. I think Anderson was even considered to replace Jodie Foster in the movie Hannibal. That’s just all very fascinating to me in a Bill Murray/Lorenzo Music/Garfield/Ghostbusters kind of way. Your fascination may vary.

Dr. du Maurier, clearly annoyed to have her self-preservation vacation interrupted by the FBI, reveals some interesting truths about the patient that tried to kill her. Mainly, that she killed that patient herself, kind of accidentally on purpose. It seems like Hannibal Lecter got into Du Maurier’s head and turned her into one of his murderbots, and he’s going to do the same to Will’s head. Poor Will’s head.

Mason “Ragtime” Verger, meanwhile, is rather annoyed that Dr. Lecter made him go through all the trouble of staging Margot’s car accident and hiring a creepy team of surgeons to remove her reproductive organs. It takes away from his valuable training pigs to eat Margot time. To reconcile the difference, he tries to feed Lecter to his pigs. Will lets Lecter escape, poor Carlo becomes pig-food, and then the real fun begins. By fun, of course, I mean mind-twisting horror.

Lecter brings Mason to Will’s cabin and feeds him psychotics. Mason then proceeds to lose his fool mind, which for Mason is what you would call “Tuesday”. Lecter hands Mason a knife, and you can probably imagine what happens next. Or maybe you can’t, because your tender heart and mind would never wish the kind of fate even someone like Mason suffers at the hands of Lecter.

Will comes home to find Winston, the shaggiest of the Graham dogs, out on the porch. It’s like Winston is trying say to his dad “There is some messed up shit happening in there right now.” What’s this? Oh, it’s nothing, only Mason Verger feeding Will Graham’s dogs scraps of his mutilated face. NOOOOO, I THOUGHT WE AGREED THE DOGS WERE NOT TO BE F***ED WITH! Poor puppies. They don’t know Mason’s face is not bacon.

Honestly, though, Mason hardly seems bothered at all. In fact, he’s having a ball. You have never seen anyone happier than Mason Verger stripping off his face meat. Of course, the drugs probably help, but look at how giddy he is! He even ate his own nose!  “(Belch) I’m full of me!” he says. Oh, that Mason! He is enchanting and terrifying!

Next week, on Hannibal:  Jack vs. Hannibal! Baltimore Spring Slam 2014! Bring your appetite FOR ACTION!

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