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New Halloween Trailer Reinvents the Mythology of the Iconic Franchise

Also, what is it about the Halloween theme song that just gets you pumped?

The newest Halloween trailer is looking to not only whet your horror loving appetite, but also to clean house on the franchise which has come to spawn 12 films (including the Rob Zombie reboot series).

In the trailer we see it confirmed in dialogue that the events of Halloween II and beyond have been erased, not only was Michael captured that fateful Halloween night and locked up in an institution all this time, but he is not Laurie Strode’s brother–that’s just a “rumor some people made up.”

All this to say, this isn’t your dad’s Halloween.

With the exception of the over-the-top mental asylum stereotype stuff, I will say the trailer is super effective. I love to see Laurie Strode becoming this hardened survivalist who has been waiting for Michael’s return in order to end him (reminds me of Sidney in the latter Scream movies). Laurie’s character is probably the person I’m most interested in, no longer the ingenue, she is a grown woman intent on protecting her family and also getting some revenge on Michael. Bad-ass grandmother? Sign me up.

It’ll be fun to see what homages to the sequels will be left in and which won’t be. Laurie does have a family in this film, a daughter played by Judy Greer and Andi Matichak will be playing Laurie’s granddaughter, so no Jamie Lloyd which I will learn to not be sad about.

But most importantly, with the absence of all the sequels, this means Michael is no longer this god creature who cannot be harmed. He is a man again and that means he can be killed. Especially since he’s supposed to be the same age, if not a little bit older than Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie. So go get him, Laurie! Justice for Annie and Lynda!

However, this got me thinking if we could erase the sequels of a horror franchise which ones would we want to get rid of? For me, anything after Hellraiser II can be eliminated, the two Candyman sequels which are trash, and basically you could put most of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies on a dart board and the chances of you hitting a good one are 3 out of 9. Friday the 13th, 2 out of 10.

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