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Halloween Clip Reveals Showdown Between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers

With the upcoming Halloween movie getting closer and closer to release, we’re getting more clips to whet our appetite for the showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. And it seems like we are getting a solid look a lot sooner than expected.

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In the clip above, we get a sneak peek at the upcoming battle. I personally don’t find the clip to be a problem, because we know that this is going to happen. Let’s not bury the good stuff, we want the showdown!

Besides the acting (Jamie Lee Curtis is what I’m looking forward to the most), one of the things that really stands out in this clip is the music. Original Halloween composer John Carpenter returned to compose the music for the film along with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. Reviewers have said it is one of the best elements of the movie.

As has been discussed before, in this sequel/reboot of the series, the film will be ignoring all of the previous sequels, and inestead it takes place after the original film. Laurie Strode has been preparing for the inevitable return of Michael Meyers to the detriment of her personal relationships, including with her daughter, played by Judy Greer. It will be super interesting to see how the trauma and PTSD will be portrayed in this film.

“Clearly this movie will be another voice in that same chorus of women taking back their stories, saying, ‘We are not that story, we have arrived, and we will be the ones that write our own stories,’ and that only comes from the bravery of a few,” Curtis told EW. “This movie will be a part of that wave. I didn’t realize it until we were making it, and I realized what Laurie was doing, and that’s very powerful.”

One of the things I’ve always found to be an unintentionally feminist aspect of the horror genre is how it subtly examines gaslighting and hysteria. Laurie has already survived Michael, her friends died, and that night was horrific during a very formative part of her life.

Why is her desire to never be a victim and to be safe not a reasonable one? That she no longer believes in the gilded safety of suburban living and is going to be a survivalist honestly makes sense. So many men “prepare” with their guns and weapons for some revolution that is probably not going to happen. Why not show that same mentality shown with someone who has faced pure evil and survived?

Chris Evangelista called this film “is a love-letter to horror fans – a brutal, scary and sometimes funny sequel that gives the long-running franchise the respect and adoration it deserves.” As someone who has loved this series for a long time and hopes for this movie to deliver in all the ways it is advertised, I am looking forward to the OG final girl returning for one final battle.

(via Slash Film, image: Blumhouse)

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