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The Men of The Last Jedi Had the Best Reaction to the All-Male MRA Edit

A petitionto remove The Last Jedi from the Star Wars canon was introduced not too long ago, but it seems that some fanboys have gone ahead and taken matters into their own hands with a cut of the film that takes out all the women. How did the men of the film respond?

It all began with a tweet from writer Priscilla Page, who dignified The Last Jedi edit that removed all the female characters with the only kind of reaction it deserves: mocking laughter. She was then bombarded with many male commenters who helpfully explained to her why they didn’t like the film and the women with their talking and leadership and whatnot—to which director Rian Johnson added:

And to which Mark Hamill then weighed in:

John Boyega gave this compelling point lots of consideration, to which he thoughtfully replied:

Anyway, thanks for the contribution, MRAs:

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