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Chris Hadfield Explains How to Throw Up in Space, Stops Mercifully Short of Demonstrating

Hadfield barf bag

We’re big Chris Hadfield fans here, and we’ve recently become huge fans of the ISS Commander’s latest series of videos, in which he explains how things are different in space to Canadian grade school students, a fact the implications of which we’re fairly comfortable ignoring for the time being. In his latest message back to Earth, Hadfield explains that ‘Yes, Virginia, people throw up in space.’ Like, kind of all the time, apparently.

While Hadfield explains the whys and hows of operating a barf bag in zero gravity, he pulls up short of the actual demonstrations he’s given on tasks like toothbrushing and wringing out washcloths, which is really for the best. The video also demonstrates what we all knew in our hearts — everything is more awesome in space. Even their barf bag technology.

(via YouTube)

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