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H.R. Giger is On for the Alien Prequel

Good news for those who like their alien spaceships properly oozing, dark, and pseudo-sexual: H.R. Giger is now confirmed as a contributor to Ridley Scott‘s new Alien prequel.  Giger is the artist who designed all of the alien looks in the original sci-fi horror flick, and so it is he who we can thank for those extraterrestrials known sometimes as xenomorphs, but more commonly called simply, significantly, aliens.

The news was dropped by his wife in this news broadcast.  Or at least, that’s what Shadowlocked says.  We don’t happen to speak any German.

Though Giger submitted did inital designs for the various alien ships and creatures in Alien, he did not return for the first sequel when James Cameron decided that since all he needed designed was a queen alien, he could do without.  Rumor has it that the new film, a prequel, will focus on the space jockeys, the alien race that built the ship on which the main characters of Alien found xenomorph eggs in the first place.  If these hints are true, it stands to reason that Giger is being brought back on board to design these mysterious aliens, who we have so far seen only as a single skeletal corpse, ribs broken by chestburster emergence.

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