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Guy Can Twist Feet Backward, Will Attempt to Set Two Guinness World Records

Moses Lanham Jr., 49, as one can plainly see in the above picture, can twist his feet so they face backward. He’s not just using this totally not-gross-at-all feat of feet as a fun parlor trick, as he is planning to set two Guinness World Records in Rome at the Guinness World Records Show, one of which being how far he can rotate his feet, and the other being how fast he can walk twenty meters with backward feet.

Like any good superpower origin story, Lanham’s started with an accident: When he was 14, he fell from a rope in gym class, landing in what everyone initially thought was a terrifying position, until he stood up, unharmed. Lanham claims the act is painless, and doesn’t even require any kind of warm-up, even claiming that the position is actually more comfortable for him than regularly oriented feet. According to doctors who have examined Lanham, the source of his not-so-super superpower comes from being born with extra tissues and cartilage in his legs and joints, making it so his ankles, hips and knees are able to turn and provide enough support for Lanham to rotate his feet at such extreme angles.

His Guinness World Records segment is set to air in Italy on March 30.

(AOL News via J-Walk Blog)

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