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Disney XD Releases Posters and Air Dates For Animated Guardians of the Galaxy

Why are you hiding back there, Gamora?


Need something to hold you over until the new Guardians film that made Chris Pratt cry comes out? Disney’s new animated Guardians of the Galaxy series is set to air September 26th but there’ll be a sneak peek September 5th.

If you can’t wait until September, Disney will play 2-minute shorts of each Guardian’s origin story every Saturday evening in August.

What you do think about the animated adventures of Star-Lord (Will Friedle), Groot (Kevin Michael), Rocket Raccoon (Trevor Devall), Drax (David Sobolov), and Gamora (Vanessa Marshall)? The new show will undoubtedly bring about more merchandising opportunities, and we’re crossing our fingers that Gamora and Nebula get more representation for the animated series than they did in toys for the film.

(via Comic Book Resources)

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