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Watch Grizz Chapman of 30 Rock Tote a Tiny White Dude Around New York in a Baby Carrier [Video]

Tell me I'm not the only one who wishes it were Tracy Morgan in that bjorn.

In addition to being a comedian and filmmaker, Mark Malkoff spends a lot of his time doing weird stunts around New York for the Internet’s amusement. You know, stuff like convincing strangers to pick him up and carry him the entire length of Manhattan or living in a New Jersey Ikea for 30 days. In his newest video for My Damn Channel, it looks like he got himself an adult-sized baby carrier — I really don’t want to know where they sell those — and got Grizz Chapman, one half of the amazing Dotcom and Grizz from Tracy Jordan’s entourage in 30 Rockto carry him around in it and record New Yorkers’ reactions. Spoiler alert: Mark never commands Grizz to swoop him, which is a real missed opportunity in my book.

(via My Damn Channel)

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