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J.J. Abrams Bestie Greg Grunberg Talks Snap Wexley and What We Should Expect From The Force Awakens

You know you've made it when your kids want your action figure.

If it’s written, directed, or in any way related to J.J. Abrams, chances are that Greg Grunberg is gonna be in it. It shouldn’t even be a question at this point. So, it’s no surprise that Grunberg is all up in the latest Star Wars offering too as a stormtrooper named Snap Wexley.

His action figure just came out last week, and Grunberg is understandably excited about it, as you can tell from the above tweet. In an interview with the Hero Complex over at the L.A. Times, Grunberg talks about what it’s like to have that action figure and be a part of the Star Wars universe, as well as what fans can expect from The Force Awakens. He’s especially excited that his kids are excited about their new Snap Wexley toy. Not to play with, but for totally geeky, collector reasons:

When you get a gift for your kids and the they don’t want to open the box, that’s cool. They’re like, ‘No dad. I want to go to college. I’m not opening this.’

Maybe he should spring for two! One to play with and one to collect. I mean, he’s going to buy them all anyway, right?

In the interview, he also says that The Force Awakens will make us feel many of the same things the first one did, and that he can tell a lot by how happy his pal Abrams is with his offering:

I think they should expect to love it as much as they’ve always loved the first film. Really. And all the other films. The feeling you get from Star Wars, you’re gonna get it again. I really do think so. And that’s not from me. I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve only seen bits and pieces with J.J. in the editing room. He is so excited about this. And there’s a tremendous amount of pressure. For him to be in such good spirits and so confident – not cocky in any way, because he really wants to make everybody happy – he’s really happy with it, and I know that means a lot.

Let the squee flow through you.

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