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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Tests Positive for COVID-19, Immediately Receives a Level of Care Not Available to Most People

Gov. Greg Abbott at press conference.

Tuesday afternoon, it was announced that Greg Abbott has joined the long list of Republicans who dedicated themselves to downplaying or outright denying the severity of COVID-19, only to go and catch the virus themselves.

While Abbott is fully vaccinated and has urged Texans to get the vaccine, he’s also prohibited schools and businesses from mandating masks or vaccines and has repeatedly downplayed the danger of the virus while also politicizing the hell out of it.

So when it was announced that Abbott tested positive for COVID-19, well, let’s just say a lot of people were less than sympathetic.

Did I mention he tested positive right after attending a crowded, maskless Republican Club meeting? I’m sure this will be fine for everyone involved.

Following his positive test, Abbott entered an isolated quarantine. It must be nice to be able to do so without having to worry about his finances, especially since he lives in a state whose governor—one Greg Abbott—cut off federal unemployment assistance for residents back in June.

He’s also started on a regimen of Regeneron, the experimental monoclonal antibody drug recently peddled by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The fact that Abbott is taking this expensive, experimental, and highly limited drug despite being fully vaccinated and asymptomatic definitely raises some questions. Is this just a bit of PR for the drug, and if so, why?

Is it another attempt to further politicize the pandemic response? (Fox News is now trying to push Regeneron as being “basically” the same as getting vaccinated, which is—this shouldn’t need to be said—not true.) Or is this perhaps yet another instance of politicians trying to personally profit off of COVID-19?

Either way, it’s pretty vexing to see the governor of a state leading the way in COVID-19 cases and deaths, who has done so much to downplay concern and increase risks, now receive such extravagant care.

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