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Green Lantern Villain Revealed: Parallax

No, not the difference in the angular position of two stationary points relative to each other from different viewing positions.  The primal embodiment of fear, famous for possessing the Green Lantern of Earth Hal Jordan and with his power nearly destroying the Lantern Corp.

Warner Bros. has released an official synopsis for its upcoming Green Lantern movie, and with it has revealed the major villain that they will feature.  We’ve already seen pictures of Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, and Mark Strong has already been confirmed to play Sinestro; but it’s understandable that a primal force of fear, imprisoned for millennia inside the Central Power Battery on Oa, might not show up to walk around set.  It’s that whole… doesn’t really have a physical form thing.

It’s interesting that Warner Bros. chose Parallax, rather than a villain with less power but much more recurrence.  The Green Lantern of Earth has a not un-respectable Rogues Gallery of his own, including Legion, Nekrom, Solomon Grundy, and Star Sapphire.  Sinestro and Hector Hammond, I’ve already mentioned.

Parallax is certainly more dangerous, but much less well known.  It’s kind of like making your first Batman movie villain Ra’s al Ghul, instead of, like, the Joker or…


(via The Geek Files.)

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