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Man Uses Facebook to Find His Doppelgänger

This weekend, Graham Comrie met Graham Cormie, the man who he once thought was simply impersonating him on Facebook for a lark, and the two posed before an escherian hellscape just to drive home the ultimate weirdness of the situation. From the Daily Record:

Graham Comrie feared someone was impersonating him online when a friend emailed to say a man was pretending to be him on the social networking site.

His “impersonator” was even said to be using his photos.

The more Graham looked into it, the stranger it got – until he realised this person wasn’t trying to imitate him but appeared to be his doppelganger.

Amazed by what he saw, he contacted his lookalike, Graham Cormie, and discovered they were leading parallel lives.

The Grahams share a profession (photography) and live within 10 miles of each other.  They also both have:

  • Married red-heads
  • Their 25th wedding anniversary coming up
  • 2 daughters
  • Lhasa Apso

(For a brief note on why this probably isn’t all that weird, or at least is a story that has been… massaged a bit by the human evolutionary response to randomness which is to see patterns… listen to the Balloon story at the beginning of RadioLab’s Stochasticity show, and then skip ahead about ten minutes to hear it revisited by a financial expert.)

(via Neatorama.)

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