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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Getting Tons of Positive Reactions, Has Tons of Post-Credits Scenes


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is on the way in just over two weeks to follow up on Marvel’s 2014 surprise hit at the hands of a ragtag team of a-holes. Human beings outside of Marvel have now seen Vol. 2 with their own eyes, and they seem to have had a very good time, despite a few holdouts who weren’t quite so impressed.

But it appears that it should at least satisfy those who were really into the first one, which we’d guess describes a lot of those reading this. It’s got also plenty for Marvel fans in general, what with writer/director James Gunn claiming early this morning that it boasts five post-credits scenes—though we have to guess his pointed correction on Twitter means we’re in for at least one more dancing scene à la Groot and Drax in the original.

We can’t speak for what the rest are—the critics who’ve given their early impressions are still sworn to secrecy on that front—but at least one of them is sure to continue the setup for the long-teased Avengers: Infinity War, which is finally scheduled to arrive in theaters next year. Here’s what they can tell us about GotG2 so far:

Among the few detractors, sentiment seems to be that Vol. 2 has to work a little too hard to recapture what everyone loved so much about the first but never reaches that same level of greatness for that very reason—and also, in some cases, that Baby Groot is no good, which we all know is a damn lie. We’re pretty tempted to believe we’ll wind up siding with the more positive takes so far, especially since the “bad” opinions seem to call it “OK” at worst, but we’ll be able to let you know how our own screening went soon enough.

(via Polygon/THR, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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