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#GOPDnD: Trump’s America Makes for a Hilariously Disastrous D&D Campaign

Fake dice!


The hashtag #GOPDnD, which reimagines our current political climate as a disastrous game of Dungeons and Dragons, has been going strong on Twitter for over a week now. And while this crossover would probably never have come into our brains, once it was there, the perfection of it is clear.

As a Dungeon Master, what are you supposed to do when your players reject the story you’ve spent so much time crafting, or worse, refuse to even accept the basic logic of the game’s world, and insist on playing by their own rules in their own reality?

I don’t know. What do you do when your actual, IRL government does it too?

The hashtag was created earlier this month by James D’Amato of the One Shot Podcast, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Trump’s monosyllabic railings, simple action-based understanding of the world and his job, and total disregard for the path laid out in front of him, all make for great parody.




Trump’s total disconnect from reality, with his fake news and alternative facts and endless narcissistic boasting, all make for a DM’s worst nightmare.






It’s not just Trump getting skewered by the hashtag. The GOP as a whole is maybe a bit too low-level a party for the monsters they’ve taken on–you know, the Obamacare Dragon, decency, and women in general.





With as much material as we’re getting, this campaign could very well go on until Trump is out of office, or until the GOP stops flouting both the will of their constituents and basic logic. Since neither is likely to happen anytime soon, we may as well laugh while we watch the world burn.

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