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Google TV Announces Heavy-Duty Launch Partners

It’s too early to say definitively whether Google TV will “change the way we think about television itself,” as Blip.TV CEO Mike Hudack wrote today (h/t RWW), but it’s off to a good start. Following on Google’s official announcement of the service at Google I/O in May, today the company has announced some of the many partners with which it will collaborate when Google TV launches later this fall. ( says that Google TV will be available this month, but I can’t find any news to that effect besides Sony’s launch of the Google TV-compatible NSX-46GT1 web TV on October 12th, which may or may not correspond with when the service itself is available.)

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On the media side, Google’s launch partners include Turner Broadcasting — “including TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, available anytime through Google TV” — NBC Universal’s CNBC Real Time, HBO, the NBA, and a few news sites like The New York Times and USA Today. On the techier content side, they’ve got Amazon Video on Demand, Netflix, Napster, VEVO, Pandora, and Twitter. Quite a lineup, and their demo video (below), shows that the TV apps produced by this collaboration aren’t just dumped from the web, but have been tailored for an integrated Internet-TV experience.

Google has also beefed up the Google TV website with an official, pretty-looking tour.

(Google TV Blog | Google TV preview page)

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