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OK Glass, Film This Idiot Getting Arrested: First Arrest Video Filmed With Google Glass

If you had "drunk shirtless guy in Jersey" in your office "First Google Glass Arrest Video" pool, you win!

Chris Barrett, an early adopter of Google Glass, caught some video of an arrest at the Jersey shore on the Fourth of July that he claims is the “first fight & arrest caught on Glass.” In the description of the video he states, “This video is proof that Google Glass will change citizen journalism forever.” With everyone already carrying around a smartphone, is Glass really that big of a jump?

The video is mostly of Barrett working his way through the crowd to see what’s going on. It’s hard to make out what anyone is saying over all the other noise. We see someone being pulled away, what looks like someone fleeing, and then a shirtless man being led away in cuffs.

What we also see is this:

Cell Phone Camera

This still is taken at the 1:33 mark of the video, and it shows what’s most likely someone filming the whole thing on their cell phone.

Holding a cell phone out is a little conspicuous, but so is Google Glass in general. It’s a computer on your face. As excited as we are about Glass, I don’t think anyone’s successfully making the argument that Glass isn’t noticeable. The only difference is that it’s not as obvious when Glass is recording, but it’s not all that hard to film something on the sly with your phone either.

Google Glass is sure to have some level of impact on citizen journalism, but let’s all take a second to remember that a number of folks already has a camera in their pocket.

(Chris Barrett via Business Insider)

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