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Google Adds GIF Search Filter, Internet Rejoices

Using GIFs to send dismissive and passive aggressive replies to things people say on the Internet is a tradition as old as GIFs themselves, but finding just the right jumpy, low-resolution, quasi-video loop to send has been a challenge — until now. Starting today Google is rolling out a GIF filter in their image searches, making my job of finding Full House GIFs to send the other editors here at Geekosystem that much easier.

The Google+ post announcing the addition says the feature rolls out today, but I’ve yet to see it. So when Rollin asked me to cover this story I had to look for this GIF of Michelle Tanner saying “You got it, dude” the old fashioned way — by including “GIF” in my search like a savage:

When the feature does go live, it can be utilized by the going into “Search Tools” option below the search box and selecting “Animated” in the “Any type” dropdown menu. That’s not all though, Google also snuck in an option to only search for images with transparent backgrounds, which is arguably more useful than the GIF filter, but much less fun and gives me no excuse to post this GIF of John Stamos laughing in the opening sequence of Full House:

Happy GIF searching, everyone.

(Google via The Verge)

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