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Six Nice and Accurate Gifts for the Good Omens-Obsessed Fan in Your Life


Good Omens fan gift guide

Since June, it’s likely that someone you know has moved into the cozy circle of hell reserved for those with a complete and all-consuming love for Good Omens. Perhaps that person is you! We went digging for what you can best gift these lost souls (or yourself).

After Good Omens‘ series debut on Amazon Prime Video in June, the fandom exploded. Devotees of the book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett had been keeping their South Downs cottage hearths burning for nigh on thirty years, but the television adaptation turned Good Omens into a worldwide phenomenon.

The show, starring new fandom boyfriend Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale and forever fandom boyfriend David Tennant as the demon Crowley, thrives on the actors’ chemistry and their characters’ odd-couple dynamic. The pair have become wildly popular in cosplay, and amongst fans who are creating all manner of transformative works around Aziraphale and Crowley’s continuing adventures.

But what do you get to show your Good Omens-dedicated friend that you love and support them? (Asking on behalf of that friend, who is me.) Let’s take a look.

Good Omens-Themed Perfumes from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Good Omens perfumes

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab are creators of fantastical products that are deeply researched and inspired by books, movies, and beloved characters. Want to smell like an angel who sauntered vaguely downwards? Of course you do. Black Phoenix sent us an array of perfume oils modeled after Good Omens (previously, we had smell-tested their American Gods line), which we duly sampled.

The perfumes are handcrafted and come in bottles adorned with original art of the character or concept being embottled, like “Slate-Black Clouds Tumbled Over Eden” or “He Was An Angel Once.” My favorites in the lot—now worn daily—are “Don’t Touch,” an apple-scented concoction to evoke the garden of Eden, and “A Flaming Sword” for, well, Aziraphale.

Even reading each selected ingredients list for each scent is a delicious recipe for the senses. In Flaming Sword’s case: “Fiery red amber and sweet oudh, flickers of honeyed patchouli and red musk, pale white coconut flecks, and crushed peppercorn.” All of your favorite Good Omens characters have a bottle all their own. The perfumes are non-profit: proceeds from every purchase are split between the Comics Legal Defense Fund and the Orangutan Project UK.

Crowley’s Sunglasses 

Crowley's sunglasses from Good Omens

The must-have for any serious Crowley cosplayer, you—or, erm, your friend—can also get a low-key everyday cosplay on by grabbing some of these shades. There’s now a host of Crowleyian sunglasses that pop up when you go searching.

Pictured above, from left to right: Vanlinker Steampunk Sunglasses ($16.99), the aptly named “Demon Crowley Sunglasses” ($16.58), BuBu-Fu Steampunk Polarized Metal Frame Sunglasses, for some flair ($21.99).

Aziraphale’s Angel Mug

Aziraphale's angel mug from Good Omens

Intrepid fans discovered that there’s a cup on Amazon that looks like the angel-winged mug that Aziraphale likes to sip his cocoa from. At $18.99this is a pretty affordable gift for your angel. I may have possibly just ordered one. Maybe.

There are a ton of Good Omens-themed coffee mugs, tumblers, and other drinking implements available out there. Here’s more than 1,000 matched up to Aziraphale alone on RedBubble.

The Book & Supplementary Reading Materials

Good Omens novel, TV companion, and script book

Many people who had never read Good Omens fell in love with the story after watching the series. This is awesome—the more fans the merrier. But there are some significant changes between the book version and what happened onscreen, so the budding fan might want to take a look at the original paperback. In addition to a TV tie-in edition with a new cover, there’s also a lovely hardcover illustrated version.

Two books were released in conjunction with the series’ debut: The Quite Nice and Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book, by Neil Gaiman, which contains the scripts for every episode as well as some missing scenes that make for excellent Easter eggs. Did you know there was supposed to be a scene where Crowley brought flowers and chocolates to Aziraphale to celebrate the opening of his bookstore, only to be thwarted because Gabriel & Co. were visiting? Now you do, and you shall never know peace again.

Then there’s the official companion guide to the series by Matt Whyman, Good Omens TV Companion: Your Guide to the Armageddon, which details the entire history of the show’s production. It’s packed full of interviews with the cast and crew and features many unique photos.

(There was a $300+ special “Ineffable Edition” of Good Omens that was truly a masterwork of art, but with only 666 copies printed, it is now sold out.)

Fan-Created Ineffable Artworks

Good Omens fan art merchandise

With fandom kicked into overdrive, there’s been an explosion of artistic riches. Many hugely talented artists started creating on the theme, and craftspeople went to the drawing boards.

What emerged are wonderful Good Omens-inspired works available as all kinds of merchandise. There are prints, stickers, phone cases, mugs, t-shirts, keychains, pins, jewelry, candles, teas, and much more. You can start off by searching these tags on Etsy and RedBubble.

From left to right: SammichesStudio’s Good Omens Sticker Sheet ($7.00), ALittleBitBoard’s Good Omens- INEFFABLE bracelet ($7.00), HauntYourHouse’s Angel and Demon Hard Enamel Lapel Pin Badge ($12.07)

The Series, Natch

Aziraphale & Crowley Good Omens toast gif

Although the series remains streaming on Amazon Prime Video, DVD and Blu-Ray editions will be available to own on November 5, 2019. This is the present for the non-streamer in your life, as well as for those of us who like to hold tangible versions of things that we love.

You can already pre-order the DVD & Blu-ray; we’re crossing fingers that they’ll come out with extras like deleted scenes and bloopers. C’mon, Neil, we know you can make this happen.

At Flamecon in August, I saw more Aziraphales and Crowleys than I could have dreamed, both on the merch tables and wandering the Con in cosplay. Good Omens never really went away, but it’s definitely here to stay. Do you have that special Good Omens fan in your life? Is it you? Try and convince me I shouldn’t spend money on an Aziraphale candle in the comments.

(images: Amazon Prime Video, Amazon, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Etsy, William Morrow Books)

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