Goldie Hawn Returns to Film For Mother-Daughter Action Comedy by Ghostbusters Co-Writer Katie Dippold

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Goldie Hawn is an American film comedy institution who has sadly not been on screen very much lately. 14 years to be exact. Now, Ghostbusters co-writer Katie Dippold, along with producer/star Amy Schumer, have a project that is bringing Goldie Hawn back to movie-going audiences. Thank the comedy goddess!

According to Collider, Schumer had been looking for her next film project and fell in love with a Dippold script that is basically a mother-daughter action comedy inspired by Dippold’s relationship with her mother. In real life, Dippold and her mom have a great relationship, but she fears that her mom, who used to be way more adventurous, has gotten overly “safe” as she’s gotten older. She says:

“[My mom is] like, “I’m 66 years old, just leave me alone right now.” So, we got her to sign up for a dating profile on eHarmony, and it was the most phoned-in profile I’ve ever seen in my life. She complained it didn’t work, so I looked and she had no photo and she had a typo in the first sentence, but she’s a very smart woman. And then, she got mad in one of her answers and used all caps. I was like, “What were you doing? You were purposely phoning this in!” In all fairness to her, she’s like, “I’m happy, let me be.” But I started daydreaming about, what if I took her on a crazy vacation somewhere, and then I took us off the beaten path, just to shake things up. So then, I started thinking about a movie version of that. So, the movie is that. She gets taken off the beaten path, but then everything the mother feared is correct. So, it’s then basically trying to get to an American embassy through the Amazon rainforest and whatnot. I still need to take my mom on this trip, and I swear I’m going to do it, this year. At the end of production, I will take my mom on vacation and not just mock her through this movie.”

The still-untitled film will star Schumer (who will also be producing) as the daughter character with Hawn playing her mother. It will be directed by Jonathan Levine for 20th Century Fox. [Insert comment about it being disappointing that despite this being a female-led project with a female creator that they couldn’t manage to score a talented female director here]

What isn’t disappointing is the return of Hawn. As we know, or rather, as we’re told by Hollywood, female performers have an “expiration date.” Thankfully, there are still those who are providing awesome opportunities for talented, gorgeous, hilarious women of a certain age. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one!

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