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Someone Built a Goldfish a Robot Body. Great, One More Apocalypse to Worry About

Guys, if you build them robot bodies, how will they ever evolve to walk on land?

You know what’s scary about a goldfish? Nothing. Then you put one in a swimming-controlled robot body, and soon we’ll be calling them “Mr. Goldfish,” or just sir, because they’ll be our aqua-robotic overlords. For now, though, a fish driving a robot body around is adorably surreal. Let’s just not scale this up to sharks, OK?

Just be glad the goldfish probably doesn’t understand TV, so it won’t get any ideas from Earthworm Jim‘s robot body-stealing goldfish. OK, so the show’s not on TV anymore but I’m assuming there’s a fair chance that anyone who builds a robot body for a fish might be watching it on VHS.


This is your future, humanity.

(Studio Diip via Gizmodo, images via Earthworm Jim and Studio Diip on YouTube)

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