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Stop Whatever You’re Doing And For God’s Sake, Look At This Dude’s Gold Shirt

Ok, we’re usually a little lukewarm at best on conspicuous consumption and idiotically gaudy displays of wealth, and Indian businessman Datta Phuge’s solid gold shirt is definitely both of those things. Here’s the thing, though — this is kinda working for us? It’s so stupid and so gaudy that it raises each to a sort of art form. We’re into it. Or maybe it’s just the moustache. Or the matching bracers made out of the leftover gold. Oh, you haven’t seen those? Keep reading for the full glory of this getup.

Yup. Those matching bracers. Made out of leftover gold, which is exactly what it sounds like — the gold you have leftover when you’re done making a shirt and matching belt out of gold.

Consisting of gold threads on the base of a white velvet shirt, and buttoned with Swarovski crystals, because of course, Phuge’s gold shirt carried a price tag of just under $23,000 and kept a team of 15 goldsmiths working around the clock for weeks to finish it. Which seems like a little much, really. I mean, if you’re having a gold shirt crafted, why rush it?

You can’t argue with the results, though. This shirt is the sort of thing you would fight a dragon in. You know, if you were an idiot who was about to die horribly fighting a dragon, because gold is fairly soft and thus pretty lousy armor. Even if owning it makes you kind of a douche — and it does. It really, really does — some strange, grudging respect must be paid to the sheer stones of it. After all, if you’re going to walk around dressed like an asshole, walk around dressed like the biggest asshole possible.

(via Refinery29 via Daily Mail, image courtesy of Daily Mail)

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