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We Finally Have A Close-Up Image Of Godzilla And He Looks Sufficiently Terrifying

That's a face not even Robert Oppenheimer could love.


The last few Godzilla trailers have been great and all, but has anyone else been uncomfortably reminded of the 1998 movie trailers? You know, how they built so much suspense not showing the monster in anything, all to have it end up looking like a really awkward iguana? No worries, friends. This Empire cover will assuage your fears.

Unlike the 1998 Godzilla, this one’s clearly a lot stockier and more reminiscent of the classic Kaiju movie monsters with their squat, lumbering frames. That’s definitely a good thing, although I’m still a bit wary of being excited for this movie, if only because how are they going to make me care about Bryan Cranston as much as I cared about those dorky ass-kicking jaegar pilots in Pacific Rim? (spoiler alert: I cared about them more than I would prefer to admit) But at least we can all rest easy for now, safe in the knowledge that Godzilla isn’t going to look plain ol’ stupid like he did last time.

(via Coming Soon, image via Empire Magazine)

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