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Move Fast and Get This Glowing Apple Logo Kit for Your iPhone

When Apple debuted its redesigned PowerBooks way back in the day, it was rumored that Steve Jobs was embarrassed that the Apple logo on the laptop didn’t glow as it was depicted doing in promotional materials. After a later redesign which cast the PowerBook in aluminum, the logo glowed and has ever since. That hasn’t been the case with the iPhone, however. Instead of waiting for Apple to fix this oversight, you can take action by purchasing this handy-dandy glowing Apple logo mod kit!

Now, as you can imagine, any modifications of your iPhone will require some elbow grease on your part. You’ll have to pry the back off, remove the electromagnetic interference shielding, and affix the light source. Once in place, slap on the provided rear face for the phone and hey-presto! Glowing Apple logo!

The video below suggests that it’s a pretty painless process, taking less than five minutes, but good luck getting your phone serviced by an Apple store ever again. Moreover, it’s a little bit scary that the video clearly shows the modder removing the aforementioned EMI shielding, but not replacing it. One would think you’d need that.

If you simply must have a glowing apple, the kit will set you back $42. You can even get a special rear face for the iPhone that has Jonathan Mak’s Steve Jobs tribute logo. Interested customers need to act fast, though; the time to order is limited to the next 58-odd hours, as the kit’s makers no doubt anticipate legal trouble. In fact, the website proudly proclaims: “Get it before C&D,” meaning “cease and desist.” What a strange and wonderful world we live in. That said, the site seems to have been suffering — either from efforts to take it down or from overwhelming traffic.

If you’re willing to risk messing with your iPhone’s pristine guts, and order from a decidedly less-than-reputable vendor, then warm up your credit card now.

(K.O Store via TechCrunch)

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