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Okay, But Why Isn’t The Giver Trailer Filmed in Black and White? [Video]

That old guy on the cover is judging you so hard right now.

Hey, so, did all of you guys in the film industry read the same book that we all read in middle school? Because call me crazy, but I kind of thought the whole point was that nobody in the Community could see color. Why am I looking at colors right now, Jeff Bridges? Explain to me why colors are a thing, please. That is your literal job as Giver.

I mean, I get that film adaptations of books are always going to be different, but this is the biggest and most important metaphor in the entire book. Like, remember the one part where Jonas starts freaking out over an apple, because he realizes that it’s red for the first time? And then he starts to see red everywhere and that’s what makes him start to think that maybe people should be allowed to choose between different colored things in their lives? And you’re working in a visual medium, for chrissakes! Yes, Pleasantville did it first. That doesn’t mean you don’t even try to stay true to your source material.

But seriously, this trailer looks very generic, and I am not a fan. I wanted The Giver, not an alternate version of Divergant.

(via io9)

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