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Girls Scouts Will Now Accept Payment Via Smartphone

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In a move that further proves how progressive and innovative the Girl Scouts can be, the organization has now started accepting electronic payments for Girl Scout cookies using smartphones. This is not quite all over the country yet, having begun a trial run with 200 troops in Northeastern Ohio. But using an app called GoPayment, the Scouts can now accept payments other than cash when they go door-to-door or conduct their fundraising business at their tables.

“Normally I think a lot of customers would love to buy cookies, but they have to walk by the booth because they’re not carrying cash,” said Marianne Love, director of business services for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio. “I know I never carry cash when I’m out shopping.”

This is an awesome way for girls to learn technology and incorporate it into their lives, to say nothing of managing money electronically. It’s also dangerous. Because now there is absolutely no excuse to not buy (and consume mass quantities of) Girl Scout cookies. It’s going to become way too easy and convenient that one would be silly not to buy one (or five) boxes of every flavor.

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