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Girl Scouts Parody Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” To Sell Cookies Like BOSSES

Sa-mosas, Do-si-dos - they can read you like a magazine.

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In the world of INSANELY ADORABLE today, we have these awesome Girl Scouts, Kaylee and Lexi who, rather than relying on their parents to do all the grunt work, upped their advertising game and starred in the best commercial ever to help their cookie sales to friends and family. Set to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” the girls remind you exactly why you need to get on that cookie-buying. Because otherwise, you’ll end up down in flames.

I would not wanna make those girls angry! BUY THEIR COOKIES OR FACE THEIR WRATH!

And of course, it’s all in good fun. Their parents posted a humorous “disclaimer” on the video on YouTube:

Disclaimer : This video was made for fun to sell to our friends and family. Girl Scouts have no problem with potential customers saying ‘no’. Enjoy!

So don’t worry, they won’t actually beat the crap out of your car. You can say no to buying these cookies. But why would you want to? These girls are awesome, and Girl Scout cookies are, well, Girl Scout cookies!

(via The Daily Dot)

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