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This Hit Netflix Horror Series Deserves Another Season

Yuri an Nanno in 'Girl From Nowhere'

What if every evil action had equal consequences? Imagine that the person evening the scales was a beautiful girl with a mysterious background. Girl From Nowhere instantly became a Netflix hit for its commentary on social issues, depicted through a girl with paranormal powers.

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This hit Thai series from Netflix gained so much popularity that it also had a successful second season, which retained a lot of its dark themes. What makes Girl from Nowhere a stand out is its main character, Nanno, who perfectly represents the idea of karma.

Nanno isn’t just a girl with powers, she is a girl who enrolls in high schools to expose their dirty secrets. She isn’t actively hurting anybody, but she sets up situations that force wrongdoers into a corner which leads to them being held accountable. What makes this series even more fascinating is its diversity in narratives. People might assume that there are redundant moral didactics at first glance, but each episode delivers a satisfying blow to perpetrators, bullies, and other despicable people who deserve these punishments.

The second season is even better because Nanno is no longer the only girl to partake in these complex moral scenarios. Nanno revives a girl named Yuri and gives her powers. Both seek change and some form of justice but are different characters by a mile. Even their solutions are very different, with Yuri almost always jumping to the extremes.

It doesn’t fly past many fans that Yuri is far more brutal, and the ways she punishes people are extremely spiteful and could make anybody’s skin crawl.

Although Girl From Nowhere is such a big hit, the last season aired in 2021 and then … nothing. This hasn’t changed as of this moment, and there have been no announcements regarding a season 3 yet. But after season 2’s climactic ending, the cast and the main character of the story may no longer be the same. Yuri, who is Nanno’s equal and rival, might be at the center of a possible season 3. Junko, who is Yuri’s accomplice, might also be shown as Yuri’s supporting character.

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