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So A Guy Got Stuck In a Giant Vagina Sculpture This Weekend

USA: last in soccer, first in art appreciation.

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The statue Chacán-Pi by Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara has stoically stood watch outside the Tübingen University Institute for microbiology and virology in Tübingen, Germany, since 2001. It also happens to depict a giant vagina. Last week, an American student got himself stuck in it and needed to be rescued by local firefighters. There are pictures. You need to see them.

The rescue went down on Friday afternoon and reportedly took 22 firefighters — or, in other words, three firefighters who arrived on the scene first and then decided to call the whole squad in so they could share in the hilarity — to free the student from his 32-ton marble prison. And what a sight it was:

giant vagina

I want to imagine that this is what Fernando de la Jara intended all along when first constructing the sculpture. “Someday,” the artist must have mused, “years after all of Germany has come to marvel at the beauty and wonder of my work, some kid will jam his legs right in there ‘for the vine,’ and his cries for aid will briefly awaken the bright soul of Georgia O’Keefe from death’s cold embrace, and her ghost will laugh so hard that her face falls off.” You know, something poignant like that.

But anyway, we wouldn’t want to belabia the point here. According to the student’s friend; despite his obvious embarrassment at needed 22 people to pull him out of an enormous he’s “now happy that he is 1st on reddit!” And really, isn’t that all that matters?

(via The Guardian, image via Erik Guzman on Imgur)

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