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Giant Clay Head of Artist's 5-Year-Old Daughter Is Dignified and Disturbing

Eddi Prabandono, an Indonesian artist, has created a giant clay sculpture of the head of his 5-year-old daughter, Luz. Just the head. Prabandono is working on a series of artwork inspired by his daughter that he says is meant to signify how children will have to face the weight of a troublesome future. The sculpture was created for the 2011 Jog Art, which is an exhibition featuring 241 different pieces by more than 150 artists.

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Prabandono’s giant clay head is becoming a bit of a tourist attraction, because it is located in a hole in the ground in the middle of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta in Indonesia. The head is 4 meters by 4 meters and is made of 25 tons of clay. The sculpture took the help of 15 workers to create, in addition to heavy machinery to dig the giant hole that the head sits in. While Prabanodo’s work is certainly striking and well intentioned, the idea of a giant disembodied child’s head sitting in a hole in the ground seems more than a little disturbing. More pictures below.

(via Oddity Central)

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