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Watch the Original Ghostbusters Meet the New on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Plus some neat character videos!

Things were especially Ghostbuster-y on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon, the cast of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, were on the show to promote its release. As a special surprise, Kimmel brought on the original Ghostbusters cast for part of the show as well. The reveal was a surprise to the women, as they were playing a “yearbook superlative” type of game where Kimmel would ask which member of the cast was most likely to do what (screw up their lines, hold up production, and so on).

When the question came to who was most likely to crash a party, Dan Aykroyd called out from backstage, saying, “Ah, well, I guess us.” He was leading up the group, followed by Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, and (of course) Bill Murray. The joining of the two casts was downright awesome, and honestly, after seeing all of them together like that, how could anyone still be against this movie’s cast?

This episode of Live was fun as well because the cast of the upcoming movie addressed those vitriolic fans who stand against the movie. Sarcastically calling them “terrific people,” McCarthy whipped out the ol’ “living in your mom’s basement” trope to poke fun at those terrible commenters.

Like I said, it’s great to see these two casts together. They just have so much great chemistry together and it’s especially awesome to see the old guard supporting the new.

Also, yesterday saw the release of some really neat character vignettes. These videos focus on each Ghostbuster, diving a little bit into who they are and how each star brought them to life. It’s a fun little roundup, one that I found myself enjoying quite a lot. Check out the playlist below to watch ’em!


(via The Hollywood Reporter, Laughing Squid)

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