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Ghostbusters III Might Actually Happen, And If This Director Rumor Is True We Might Want It To

Cautiously Optimistic

Every mention of Ghostbusters III is met with a tiny little eyeroll (and, more recently, wracking sobs) at The Mary Sue office, ’cause for years it’s felt like Dan Aykroyd has done everything short of sacrificing a goat to Our Dark Lord Satan to make the movie happen, but since Satan prefers a nice gift card from Bed Bath & Beyond all his efforts have been fruitless. But following the death of Harold Ramis (again, WRACKING SOBS), there’ve been some developments that make it look like this movie might actually claw its way out of development hell.

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Specifically, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II director Ivan Reitman decided after Ramis’ death that he only wanted to produce the third one and help find a new director. Said Sony chief Amy Pascal to Deadline: “He was thinking he might feel that way when Harold died, and then came back to us and confirmed it, that while he was excited to return and make the movie as producer, but did not feel he wanted to direct the movie. We are delighted to work with Ivan on this movie in that capacity. We love him, and he’s going to continue to play an important role. We’re very anxious to get the movie started.”

Pause for sads

You’re probably still sad, but let’s keep going. If any other movie lost a director we wouldn’t say it was actually closer to being completed than it was before, but considering the rut Ghostbusters III has been in, bringing in some new blood can only help. And rumor has it that that new blood just might be Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the directing duo behind The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. You know. The guys known for taking movies that shouldn’t be good and… making them good.

The source of the rumor is Nikki Finke, who Tweeted that according to her sources Lord and Miller are currently “in talks” to use their genre-hopping genius to rescue one of film history’s most beloved series. Please, cinema gods, make this happen. I would not be so excited if it were anyone but Lord and Miller. We could probably send them back in time and have them direct The Phantom Menace and they’d turn out an honest-to-God masterpiece. With them on Ghostbusters III, we might get something worthy of Ramis’ legacy.

(via: Deadline, SuperHeroHype)

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