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Ghostly Owl Leaves Remarkable Window Print

What seems like an apparition the likes of which not seen since Jesus on toast, this window print left by an owl striking glass is actually the real deal. The dusty print was left by the substance that coats the bird, a powder made of disintegrating keratin in the bird’s feathers. The bird, which experts from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds have identified as a Tawny Owl, struck the window of a home in Cumbria in the UK town of Kendal.

Experts believe the bird to be a Tawny Owl based on the size and shape of the print, and the fact that the species tends to inhabit gardens more than others. The homeowners didn’t find the bird nearby, so believe that the bird probably wasn’t hurt too badly from striking the window. Even so, it still seems like this one had to hurt.

(via Boing Boing)

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