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Get the Popcorn Ready to Enjoy Your Internet Crush in Their Lesser-Known Work!

We don't watch What's Your Number? on repeat for the plot.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor: The Dark World

The idea of the Internet Crush is not lost upon the world. We love our actors and want to support them in any endeavor they embark on. That being said, some of our favorites have made less than favorable movies in the eyes of critics. That doesn’t mean we, as fans, think any less of these films, though.

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In fact, some of them are favorites among us. Just because it didn’t get a certifiably fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t mean that fans don’t have the posters up on their walls. So, if you’re looking for a fun movie to watch that features your internet love, we have the list for you!

Crimson Peak

Tom Hiddleston is definitely one of the big loves of the internet-sphere. Head to Tumblr, and his face is on every blog at least one time. So, if you love him and haven’t taken a look at the Guillermo Del Torro masterpiece yet, definitely check out Crimson Peak. Hiddleston is in his gothic attire (as he should always be) and he crawls up his wife’s body in one scene. What’s not to love?

Ingrid Goes West

Elizabeth Olsen is one of our great loves, and to see her as a smiling socialite that everyone on Instagram loves is extremely relatable. Ingrid Goes West is surprisingly one of the best movies, and it also features a blonde Aubrey Plaza. So really, a fun time all around!

The Bronze

Sebastian Stan has a sex scene with gymnastic moves. That should be enough to get you out there to see this movie. No? Well, he also has a tattoo that insinuates that his down-there bits are a gold medal. Poking a bit of fun at a Tonya Harding-esque gymnast, The Bronze is crass, wild, and has our internet bae looking extra fine. Lance Tucker is definitely one SebStan character you don’t want to miss.

Sorry To Bother You

Sorry To Bother You has a lot to offer us all, but sexy Tessa Thompson, our internet wife, out there in killer earrings and being the girl of our dreams? Yes please! Sign us up. We’ll even sign a pre-nup.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Love a good sad boy? Well hit up our internet love of Oscar Isaac and watch Inside Llewyn Davis. While this one got a bit of critical acclaim, it’s still not widely known or respected in the way it should have been. But our lovely man is sad, has a cat, and just sings about his depression a lot, so of course we love it.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Gal Gadot in underwear looking beautiful as a spy? And it isn’t on our televisions on repeat? Please, this movie is meant for us to love, and we can’t get enough of Gal strutting around in front of us.

The Mountain Between Us

This movie is terrible—like truly, it makes no sense. However, Idris Elba looks like a god as he’s walking through the snow, and if you can forego the horrid story, you will fall in love with this dreamy Brit. Really though, staring at Idris Elba for two hours isn’t a bad time, so suffer through for his face.

Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express features our beautiful love Daisy Ridley living her life on a train and we’ll forget about the less-than-favorable man in the movie because Daisy is perfect.

What’s Your Number?

They knew this movie was questionable, so they made Chris Evans naked through most of it, and none of us complained. A typical early 2000s RomCom, What’s Your Number? lets Chris play guitar in his underwear, so guard your heart because you’ll fall in love over and over again with Cap.


Really, do we have to explain? Look at how many of our internet girlfriends are in this movie! It is empowering, awesome, and all these badass ladies take on an unknowing force in an awesome way. It’s great!

This Means War

Two boyfriends for the price of one moderately okay movie? Sign us up! This Means War has Chris Pine saying an artist “fingered his paintings,” and Tom Hardy is just being sexy and British! What a time to be had by all.


Riz Ahmed is the cutest little babe in this movie, and you can ignore greasy-haired Jake Gyllenhaal for him and everything will be fine. Riz makes the world a better place, even in the terrifyingly deranged Nightcrawler.

Have an Internet Boyfriend whose movie you love to watch? Tell us about it in the comments below! We love new boys and new movies to see!

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