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Things We Saw Today: Get Ready for The Adventure Zone: Graduation!

Roll for initiative!

Fear not, faithful podlings (that’s what we call podcast fans, right?), though Amnesty is done, The Adventure Zone continues! Friday saw the announcement, via the above awesome animated trailer of The Adventure Zone: Graduation. The new arc is set in Hieronymous Wiggenstaff’s school for heroism and villainy, where all the best heroes and villains learn the tricks of the trade – and accounting.

But our story won’t be about those guys, it seems. No, we’ll be enrolling in classes at “The Annex” where the sidekicks, uh, kick it. Seems like we’re keeping up the Adventure Zone tradition of focusing on, shall we say, less than entirely competent characters.

This announcement has us very excited. For one, we’re back to Dungeons and Dragons as the game. We loved the trips into other game mechanics and universes, but there’s just something about D&D that’s so fun and great for this kind of gameplay and podcast. I think it helps that even those that don’t play D&D have a general familiarity with it now, and the spells, traits, and mechanics are so well-honed.

Something that’s changing? Travis McElroy will be stepping into the Dungeon Master chair! This isn’t the first time Travis has led a TAZ campaign: He DM’d The Adventure Zone: Knights (on which Lin Manuel Miranda appeared!) as well as The Adventure Zone: Dust, one the “the experimental arcs” that came between Balance and Amnesty. I’m so excited for Travis to have the opportunity to move into this role, and for Griffin to get a break after DMing two giant arcs. Travis sounds excited too, he told BuzzFeed.

I had a concept for a story that I was really excited about! The more I worked on it, the more excited I became…Between teachers, students and people from the nearby town, I’ve already created about 50 NPCs!

So D&D Harry Potter with sidekicks, not heroes, as imagined by The McElroys? Sign us up. (Just kidding, we’ve been subscribed to The Adventure Zone Feed for a long, long time already).

Here’s what else we saw today:

  • Donald Trump got roasted by General Mattis and it was brutal. (Via Vice)
  • In case you forgot, Netflix has a movie starring Meryl Streep out about the Panama Papers. (via Vox)
  • Speaking of Legends: Hell Yeah, Sam Waterston!

  • A Tree Scientist inspired the next generation…Through Barbie? (via NPR)
  • Okay … so we’re cheering … Jon Kasich? He agrees Trump should be impeached.

That’s what we saw today, Mary Suvians, how about you?

(image: Mimi Chiu/The Adventure Zone)

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