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George Takei and Simon Pegg React to the Star Trek Beyond Trailer…Probably the Way You Thought They Would

Uh-huh. Us too, guys. Us too.

takei reacts

When I first saw the trailer for Star Trek Beyond, my first, immediate thought was, This is the first time in my life I can say that ‘They marketed this movie wrong’ having NEVER SEEN THE MOVIE.

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It was so unlike anything Star Trek-related as to be laughable, and while I appreciate the attempt to seem more lighthearted than Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, this is Star Trek, not Guardians of the Galaxy, and it’s certainly not The Fast and the Furious. I can’t imagine that this trailer is what the movie actually is. So, I’m choosing to ignore the marketing entirely and put my faith in the material. Thankfully, that’s exactly what George Takei and Simon Pegg seem to think I should do.

In an interview with Tech Insider, Takei watched the trailer, and basically said that it was a great trailer for a totally different movie, and not true to the core of what made Gene Roddenberry’s creation so special:

Meanwhile, Pegg spoke directly to Star Trek fans during an interview with Hey U Guys, telling them that they should hang in there. Because the film they made is more substantive than the film that is being advertised:

I have to say that I love that both Takei and Pegg were honest about their feelings and didn’t feel obligated to “be positive” for the sake of it. I’m especially comforted by Pegg’s response. Since he co-wrote the film and all – and I love Pegg’s writing – if he’s telling me that the film is more Star Trek than the trailer is leading us to think, I believe him. And I feel for that sad look on his face as inside, he’s probably going NonononononononoNO!

Star Trek Beyond is still on the docket for me. Here’s hoping my faith in Pegg is warranted!

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