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You Cannot Convince Me This Right-Wing Gen Z Streaming Service Is a Real Thing

Key art for two fake looking shows: "Going Through It" and "Cup of Joe"

It what appears to be the 30 Rock/Steve Buscemi “How do you do, fellow kids” meme come to life, there’s a new streaming content mill aimed at Gen Z conservatives that has to be seen to be believed. Actually, scratch that—you are probably less likely to believe it’s real after seeing it:

The absurdly named “Today Is America” isn’t really its own streaming service—yet. Right now, it calls itself a “network of 200+ social media creators” that is “dedicated to the fight against the left-wing narrative dominating our media.”

That mission seems pretty unnecessary given that the algorithms on TikTok and YouTube (where much of Today Is America’s content exists) are basically designed to suck young viewers down a rabbit hole of right-wing conspiracy theories and don’t really need any help pushing that “narrative.”

As the Daily Beast’s Will Sommer notes in that tweet above, it does appear that Today Is America is launching a new slate of original shows, although there’s no information available on any of them, once again making it very hard to believe any of this is real.

Every single thing about this organization looks like parody, from the hosts’ names (Gunnar Thorderson, really?) to the merch shop that features clothing blaring nonsensical slogans like “Baby Lives Matter” and “DeSantis 2024: Make America Florida” (please don’t).

The site’s homepage is just a row of key art that looks clickable but is not, and the same goes for their “endorsements” page, which just features the names and faces of political candidates with no other information or, you know, actual words of endorsement.

The only part of the site that does appear to be fully fleshed out is (you guessed it!) the donations page. There, your money can help Today Is America reach vague goals like “reach the audience of the future” and “fight against the left wing narrative.” Just in case potential donors might be questioning what that means and where their money is actually going, they included a completely meaningless graph:

A meaningless pie graph breaking down viewers by generation.

You cannot convince me this is a real company, with real people, that expects to be taken seriously as a thing that exists in the world.

(images: Today Is America)

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