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Things We Saw Today: A Lot of Men Are Severely Overconfident In Their Ability To Fight a Goose

Three cocky geese strut by

A recent study from YouGov asked people what animals they thought they could beat in a fight and broke the results down along a gender binary. There are a few truly ridiculous people of each gender who think they could take down a gorilla, a grizzly bear, and even an elephant. But the most foolhardy response has to be the enormous amount of men who think they could beat a goose in a fight.

I can only imagine these men have never actually seen a goose in person, because they are vicious.

While just more than 50% of women are also way overconfident in their abilities to fight a goose, the gender gap here is huge, with a 20% difference. That gap is only (barely) surpassed by those who think they could beat a medium-sized dog. (Also unlikely.)

Do these people think geese are just, like, slightly bigger ducks and not the angry, aggressive, spiteful demons they truly are? Did they play Untitled Goose Game and think that’s the worst the species has to offer? Clearly they’ve never come across a goose during nesting season. They are protective and they will destroy you.

So what do you think? Could you beat a goose or are you realistic?

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