Geeksology? Stack Iverflow? 7 Geeky Sites that Sound a Lot Like Other Geeky Sites

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Today, gossip and entertainment site launched, under the able guidance of editor Erin Carlson and deputy editor Amanda Ernst. We’re happy for them and hope the site will be a success. But our first thought was, “gee, Crushable sounds a lot like Mashable, doesn’t it? After all, both names denote the ability of something to be flattened by compression.”

Crushable might be able to get away with it because its target demographic probably aren’t obsessed with social media news, but in the course of our geeky browsing, we’ve noticed some sites in the (pardon the expression) geekosystem that sound a whole lot like other, better-known sites. Coincidence?

Here they are, in increasing order of copycattery:

1. Hacker News

This one is actually the better-known Hacker News’ fault: the minimalist, influential techy social news site can be found at But a trip to proper takes you to the “Hacker News Network,” who fly their colors proudly by not surrendering in the turf war.

2. Gizmodose

Most folks know about Gawker Media’s Gizmodo, the gadget news megalith with a gazillion editors. Less familiar:, the “Gadget Reviews & Cool Stuff” site that still finds time to blog about Acne Free in 3 Days™.

3. Rgadget

Engadget is the tech yin to Gizmodo’s yang, and so it makes sense that it would have an alphabetic twin: RGadget, for “Gadgets, Technology and Consumer Electronics.” There’s also an even more similar, but there’s not all that much there.

4. Geeksology

OK: there are tons of tech sites out there with “gizmo” and “gadget” in the name; blame the mid-2000s. But “Geeksology” — in light of geeky curiosity blog Geekologie? That just sounds like the sincerest form of flattery at work.

5. TecCrunch

If you make the mistake of leaving of an “h” when you’re headed to TechCrunch, you’ll find yourself at TecCrunch, which is one speedy redirect away from German Mac fansite Wilkommen!

6. stackiverflow

Demonstraiting either a brilliant or a dastardly knowledge of their consumer base, “” has turned the not very MMO-sounding “Stack Iverflow” into a redirect to hawk their wares, leaving a handful of programmers whose index fingers slip on their way to Stack Overflow very, very confused.


Now, we venture from piggybacking to cloning:, or “Layann,” is a Malaysian Digg clone that not only has the word Digg in the name, but even copies Digg’s iconic post-it notes. We’re guessing “pergh” means “digg.”

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